Kate Garraway – The Great Bake Off (or put off?) 4th Dec

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If the thought of baking a cake with your kids leaves you cold, intimidated or indifferent – then read on – the lovely Kate Garraway is campaigning to get us all back in the kitchen for some family fun! So, dust off your apron, pull out your mixing bowl and get the self raising flour at the ready – simple fun is just around the corner!


Shades of Grey

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If grey isn’t working for you and you feel more drab than fab….then read on! Just for Men Autostop might be just what you need to put the colour back in your hair!

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Head Up Eyes Open

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Have you ever worried about what would happen if your daughter went off travelling – alone? Thought so! Fear not! I decided to share my daughters travel blog here. I hope it will comfort, amuse and help you! She is currently in Laos having decided (by some miracle) to get out of Vietnam just before the typhoon hit (eek!). I am loving her buzzy account! Here is the first post from her lovely travel blog.

Warm up for Winter

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I was recently invited to take part in a blogger challenge for DFS – what did I have to do? Well, I had to create a warm and cosy room from scratch! Here’s how I got on!

Make a Change

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I was recently invited to participate in the Special K ‘Make a change’ campaign..over the next 3 months I will be giving you updates on how its going – fingers crossed!

SKI bites!

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In the midst of National Baking Week – if you fancy making something nice but not too naughty with the kids this half term (not too taxing just gloriously rewarding on the taste buds!) – then get yourself some SKI yoghurt and get cracking on this recipe – I promise you wont be disappointed!

Always Infinity!

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Chelsey Fielding sweats to find out the truth and discovers Always Infinity is a new must-have!

Giles Deacon

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That’s Yummy Mummy chat to celebrated British Fashion Designer, Giles Deacon and discover that he is making waves in interiors and helping to bring cutting edge style into our homes with a little bit of help from DFS.

Creative family business

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So, if you think your little cherubs are creative – then read on – meet Fliss and Christy (13 years old!) whose work is showcased at Make the Most Of

Hush Challenge

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Jess Contomichalos takes up the Hush blogger challenge to create Pinterest boards for three different summer style looks!